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Download Aris Keepsake Plants® complete Terms, Claims, Cancellation policy HERE.

We are committed to offering the most reliable, economical and effective transportation available, and are constantly monitoring the value of our services to our customers. The search for improvement is ongoing. We are always willing to work with our customers to develop a suitable delivery plan.
CUSTOMER/BROKER ARRANGED TRANSPORTATION: Any and all transportation arranged by the customer and/or broker will be done so with the customers' consent and acknowledgement that Aris Horticulture Inc. will not be held liable for any claims due to shortages, damages or credit for quality.

KEEPSAKE PLANTS®  PRODUCT (Azaleas, Garden Mums/Asters, Hibiscus, Hydrangea, Mandevilla, Pot Mums/Fleurettes grown in FL or Canada). Shipping and Transportation charges are F.O.B. shipping point unless specified otherwise.

Flowered Product: Any size finished product grown in Florida can be combined to make truck minimums. There is a 20 box minimum (can mix and match) and shipping is limited to temperature-controlled trucks (not less than 40 degrees F). FedEx/small package service are not recommended and are at customer's risk.
Liner Product: Primarily shipped via Federal Express.
Customer Pickup at our Florida production facility is available with advance notification. No minimum order.

Transportation/Route Coordinator
Lisa Waschmann
Email:   Fax: 330.745.3098

Small Package: In most instances Small Package refers to Federal Express. This service works best for last minute orders and for customers outside normal truck routes. Finished product is not recommended for shipping by this method and is at customers' own risk. Temperature extremes: If a product is shipping via small package service into an area where freeze or heat damage is likely, we reserve the right to upgrade the delivery to a Priority Overnight Service. The additional cost will be reflected on the customer’s invoices. 
Truck: Please be aware trucks will need to have 24/7 access to a customer's place of business for deliveries. Special discounted freight rates will be available to those who order truckload volumes. While we strive to ship via the Aris route truck April - May, if for any reason we cannot, LTL carriers will be used and LTL rates will apply. Click to see details for  Florida Winter Shipping Policy.

LTL: We can provide LTL (less Than Truckload) service outside those areas covered by our truck routes or during the time our route truck shipments are unavailable. Orders shipped before April or after May will ship via LTL carrier and LTL carrier rates will apply.
Drop points: Customers acting as drop points  & customers picking up at these drop points, are invoiced at regular truck rates with no minimum drop charge.
Cart shipping:
 We deliver Florida product lines on carts to customers along established routes on the East Coast and in Southern states between Florida and Texas. There is a two-cart minimum. Shipping to other areas will be considered if minimum volumes are met. In most cases we use one-way disposable carts.
LOSS AND DAMAGED SHIPMENTS: All shipments should be accepted from the carrier regardless of condition. If damage is apparent, or if the shipment is delivered short, a notation to that effect should be made on the carrier's delivery receipt. If damage is of such a nature that it is not discovered until the boxes are unpacked, the carrier's agent should be notified and arrangements made for an inspection. This should be done immediately after the discovery of the damage, but no later than 48 hours after discovery. Fax to 330.745.3098.CLAIMS  We continue to strive to bring you the best Despite our rigorous attention to growing, packing and shipping details, we realize there are times when our product does not arrive in perfect condition, therefore, we ask that you follow a few basic procedures upon receiving your shipments to ensure that any problems receive prompt resolution. SHORTAGES: Accurately count your boxes when received. A signature is required upon delivery. If you sign for a certain amount of boxes, you are accountable for that amount. If you receive your delivery after hours, be sure to count your boxes, note any discrepancies on the waybill; sign the waybill and fax it to 330.745.3098 or email it to Credits for shortages will not be honored if a signed waybill noting the shortage is not on file with us. Shortages must be reported by 12PM EST next business day. DAMAGE to boxes: Examine your boxes for visible damages when received. A signature is required upon delivery; visible damage to the boxes must be noted on the waybill. If delivery is received after hours, examine your boxes, note any damages on the waybill; sign the waybill & fax to 330.745.3098 or email it to Photos are required when reporting visible box damage. Credits for visible box damages and/or damage to plants due to box damage will not be honored if a signed waybill noting the box and/or plant damage is not on file with usShortages must be reported by 12PM EST next business day. Product QUALITY issues must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of the product to 800.321.9573 Ext. 2501. Specific details of the quality issue must be provided: variety name, container size, exact details of what the quality issue is. Photos of the product must accompany your claim. This not only helps us identify any potential issues so we can correct our production or shipment process, it also strengthens any quality claim you may have. Credit for product quality issues will not be honored if not reported within 48 hours with photos.  ALL PRODUCTS: Do not simply ‘short pay’ your account and tell us you encountered delivery or quality issues. Credit will not be issued. You will be held liable for this on your account. We understand these procedures may take a few extra minutes of your time, but they are important to ensure  the information needed to resolve problems, and to issue credit where warranted, in a timely fashion.
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